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Charles H. Rose III - Advocacy Law Series
Fundamental Trial Advocacy, 3d

This book builds upon the success of earlier editions, providing a structure that is scalable regardless of the type of case an advocate finds themselves confronting. The focus on case analysis remains a strong point in the 3rd edition, with additional online resources included to truly immerse the student in every fundamental advocacy skill discussed in the text. Students can enter the text where they see fit, focusing immediately upon the specific skill they wish to develop. The book is written holistically, with a commitment to the development of core competencies and advocacy skills interwoven throughout the text. This allows the advocate using the text to learn fundamentals and overarching concepts at the same time - greatly increasing their initial understanding and depth of learning. This book is fundamentally different from any other advocacy book on the shelves today, and it is a difference that matters. The commitment to structure has resulted in an approach that unlocks the legal storyteller within every advocate studying the text. They are set free to tell stories that matter, ask questions that are necessary, and deliver arguments that move others, the essence of advocacy.

Evidence in Context: Evidentiary Problems and Exercises

This text builds upon current and emerging models of evidence and advocacy instruction, creating synergy between doctrine and skills. With 110 evidentiary problems, two complete cases (one civil, one criminal), advocacy exercises, and examples of proper evidentiary foundations, the book combines the best of both methods through a holistic approach. It allows professors to teach evidentiary issues in context by showcasing them through case analysis. The supporting online multimedia materials and teacher's manual empower professors to fully cover the problems and the case files, teaching what the law is, how to apply it, and why it matters.

Rose and Underwood's Fundamental Pretrial Advocacy: A Strategic Guide to Effective Litigation, 2d

This text helps students master the skills necessary to fully represent a client during all stages of the pretrial process. It holistically covers the applicable law, the pertinent skill involved, and the most persuasive means of presenting arguments.

The book addresses common issues that arise during the formation of the attorney-client relationship, case analysis and preparation, the pretrial investigative process, witness preparation, informal discovery, formal discovery, motions, settlement negotiations, and trial preparation. It also features:

  • Call out boxes, checklists, and tables that make the material more interesting and informative
  • Updates covering the latest rules of civil procedure, ethical considerations, and electronic discovery

Mastering Trial Advocacy

This book fits the needs of any instructor who wants students to quickly and effectively develop mastery over a particular trial advocacy skill or set of skills

  • The book is designed to be effective without additional oversight. No need for additional instructors.
  • It is built from the ground up to be self explanatory and modular. Each section is complete in and of itself.
  • The examples provided throughout the book text are based on the case files and problems contained within the companion workbook

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Mastering Trial Advocacy: Cases, Problems & Exercises

For use with the main text: Mastering Trial Advocacy. The problems in this book are built as stand-alone exercises. The entire case file is provided from which the facts and circumstances of individual assignments are drawn. They can serve as final trials in simulated trial advocacy courses.

Sample Materials:
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